Key Benefits

  • Telephone line security
  • Secure communication to/from a land-line and with Tripleton™ Enigma secure GSM mobile cellular phone
  • Integrates easily and seamlessly into existing infrastructure
  • Supports two concurrent crypto sessions
  • Enables secure communication of voice, fax and digital data traffic (VPN)

The LineCrypt utilised the same secure encryption procedure as the Tripleton™ Enigma mobile phone, offering full telephone security and protection on public "land-line" telephone networks. LineCrypt ended production in 2012 with the ending of widespread ISDN implementation. 

Similar to phone calls between two Tripleton® Enigma mobile phones, all functions were controlled automatically by the built-in Net-Key card. The LineCrypt would be simply installed between the incoming ISDN line and any existing ISDN devices, such as phone, fax or PC. This enabled secure land-line calls to be made to and from Tripleton® Enigma mobiles or another LineCrypt device - secure from eavesdroppers.

LineCrypt could also be connected and integrated into a telephone switchboard system (PBX/PABX) so as to take advantage of any existing infrastructure. It was an excellent system.