About us

Using the experience hard won by many years of manufacturing wireless products and the development of secure communications, The Tripleton™ brand was created to develop and enhance our range of encrypted and wireless data products. With distributors and resellers based all over the world, our key development and support centre is based in the UK under the control of (International Security) INTSEC Ltd.

A guiding policy of continuous development alongside long-term partnerships that develop groundbreaking technology has kept Tripleton™ in the forefront of secure & wireless communication. This also ensures that our products move with customers needs as well as constantly advancing technology.

The result is that Tripleton™ has an extended client base ranging from Governments to corporate to individuals, and the Tripleton™ Enigma crypto-phone has been proven to be flexible as well as secure around the Globe. As we say "You Talk.......but who is really listening?". 

Our vision

The first Tripleton™ Enigma secure GSM mobile phone was shipped in August, 2002. The product enjoyed rapid growth during 2003 and in just 2 short years, had established itself as a leader in secure communications. The Tripleton™ range continues its growth; E2 is the advance of an exciting new range of secure products and is the signal that we will continue expanding into new and exciting markets.

GSM Technology is the world-wide dominant technology for digital mobile communication accounting for 70% of the world-wide market. Due to this world wide dominance, GSM technology becomes even more important in the world-wide transition into 3rd and 4th generation mobile networks.

The R&D team behind Tripleton™ secure products is the Intsec Development Group. IDG works hand-in-hand with their global marketing teams placed in strategic locations to address the specific requirements of our customer base. With the technological know-how and creative innovations, Tripleton™ will continue to lead the development of products that will improve the quality of communication in the 21st Century. 

Corporate Network

Tripleton's Global Presence is supported by strategically positioned offices through out the world. Our worldwide offices provide technical and sales support to all their respective regions.


For many of the people that work at IntSec our history begins some thirty five plus years ago. This was with a company called Maxon, a South Korean conglomerate that was founded in the mid 1970’s to manufacture consumer electronics.

The European base of operations was started in 1981 and it is true to say that Maxon became one of the world largest producers of consumer electronics over a whole range of wireless products such as Citizen Band Radios, Cordless Phones, PMR, Satellite Receivers, and later analogue ETACS and AMPS Phones and digital CDMA and GSM mobiles Phones, Maxon produced the world smallest NMT450 Transportable.  Maxon also became one of the largest suppliers to Vodafone when they started their “Pay as You Talk” service in 1996.  This was the basis for the extensive experience in the development, production and marketing of communication equipment.

In 1998 along with many other well-known Korean businesses, Maxon fell victim to the Asian IMF crisis. This virtually closed Maxon’s operations.  In 1999 a number of key personnel formed a development group to create a high quality encrypted mobile phone and associated systems and later International Security (IntSec) was formed in the UK.  With the efforts of key development partners, the first Enigma mobile phone was launched in Q4 of 2000 with successful sales up to Q1 2012 when E2 was launched, its more powerful successor.  As you might expect IntSec continues to develop encryption products to this day.


New Resellers Welcomed
There are exciting and dynamic advantages for established resellers to join our ever growing worldwide reseller network. If your company would like to join our partnership scheme please follow this link and send us your details and requirements.