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Real Time GPS Asset Tracking

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GT100G - GPS Asset Tracking
Tripleton GT100G
The GT100G is a high quality Real Time GPS asset tracking solution. This unit offers a range of features from simple location tracking to reporting vehicle telemetry and vehicle behaviour.
The GT100G is a high quality Real Time GPS asset tracking solution. This unit offers a range of features from simple location tracking to reporting vehicle telemetry and vehicle behaviour. This unit is capable of controlling and reporting from any externally connected devices. As standard The GT100G comes with a fully featured Over-The-Air protocol, providing ready and simple integration into any Geographical Information System (GIS) which provides real time geographic mapping location . At it's simplest, it can be used as a stand alone device reporting to a any mobile phone. At the other end of the spectrum it is capable of being the core component of a fleet management optimisation system.

  • Worldwide Operation (Quad-Band GSM).
  • Real Time GPS Tracking. Automated reporting frequency down to 10 seconds.
  • Low cost, high dependability unit. Unit will buffer messages when no GSM network is present.
  • Latest Satellite Technology.
  • Small size module.
  • Operates over SMS and the Internet via GPRS.
  • High Accuracy and Reliability for the reporting for Location, Date,Time,Mileage,Speed, Direction as standard.
  • Full remote configuration. Remotely configure unit over SMS.
  • Fully featured, easy to learn command set, minimises deployment costs and makes it exceptionally easy to operate.
  • Comprehensive list of hardware interfaces plus ready developed software features permit easy adaptation of customised applications.
  • Operates standalone using SMS service or with internet based GIS server using GPRS.
  • Intelligent power management, low current consumption.
  • Comprehensive list of customisable options available.

GT100G offers reliable and accurate reporting of location, time, speed, mileage and telematics for the purposes of...
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Event Recording
  • Security.
  • Surveillance.

For various industry sectors including...
  • Insurance Companies
  • Fleet Services
  • Vehicle Rental services
  • Emergency services
  • Car dealerships
  • Vehicle alarm integrators
  • Security Industry

General Specifications
  • All-in-one modular design
  • Compact
  • Dimensions: 96 x 59 x 20mm
  • Quad-Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Supply voltage range of 9-30 Volts
  • Built-in GSM antenna
  • Supports SMS
  • Supports TCP/IP
  • Supports CSD and Fax Class 2.0
  • AT commands GSM 07.05 and GSM 07.07
  • R&TTE, FCC, PTCRB and GCF compliant
  • 2 Relay driver outputs
  • 2 Logic level inputs
  • Port Expansion Bay allows end-customer to easily add proprietary features and functions for example...
    - LCD
    - Keypad
    - Serial Port
    - A/D converter (temperature sensor, pressure sensor etc.)
  • External Active GPS antenna via SMA connector
  • Serial UART for interface with external device
  • Extended operating Temperature range:
    * Normal: -10C ~ +55C
    * Extended: -30C ~ +70C
GPS Terminal Air interface

Standard Commands:
  • Get current location
  • Activate/Deactivate auto-report at specified interval
  • Activate/Deactivate GeoFence based on current location
  • Activate/Deactivate up to 16 user-defined GeoFences
  • Activate/Deactivate excessive speed alert
  • Turn On/Off general purpose outputs
Event Triggers:
  • Leaving/entering a given Geo-Fence.
  • Auto-report on a given time interval.
  • Speed is above/below the given threshold.
  • GPRS Status Report (e.g. GPRS attached/detached, change in IP-address or port number etc)
Available Data:
  • Device Identification
  • Message/Event Type
  • System Status (incl. state of general purpose inputs)
  • Date & Time (GMT)
  • Latitude, Longitude, Velocity, Heading
  • GPS Fix Status
Customisation Options:
  • Software developed to customer requirements
  • Optional PIC/Micro to handle complex protocols
  • Additional h/w capability according to customer specifications via the versatile Port Expansion Bay

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