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The Tripleton® Enigma Crypto Phone provides strong end-to-end encryption for voice communication on the standard GSM networks using state-of-the-art cryptographic technology.

You talk.......but who is really listening?

Our expertise in GSM data security & GSM manufacturing has allowed us to expand our portfolio into the areas of "data access security" with a "one-time-password system" this device prevents unauthorised computer or network login access.

The Tripleton® GT100G is a GSM/GPS Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) tracking device that offers low cost, very dependable asset tracking.

We are also specialist distributors for secure private network communication handsets on TETRA Networks. Read more about the above products below.

Secure Phones

Tripleton® Enigma secure mobile phone and secure phone system for ISDN phone lines - LineCrypt I+ Read more...


Vehicle Tracking Terminal, GSM/GPRS GPS, DATA Terminals,


Handsets offering all TETRA band support, GPS location, compatibility with all TETRA Networks Read more...

One Time Pass

One time password. Secure computer login and network access. Read more...
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