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Our vision
The first Tripleton® Enigma secure GSM mobile phone was shipped in August, 2002. The product enjoyed rapid growth during 2003 and in just 2 short years, had established itself as a leader in secure communications. The Tripleton® range continues its growth; E2 is the advance of an exciting new range of secure products and is the signal that we will continue expanding into new and exciting markets.

GSM Technology is the world-wide dominant technology for digital mobile communication accounting for 70% of the world-wide market. Due to this world wide dominance, GSM technology becomes even more important in the world-wide transition into 3rd and 4th generation mobile networks.

The R&D team behind Tripleton® secure products is the Intsec Development Group. IDG works hand-in-hand with their global marketing teams placed in strategic locations to address the specific requirements of our customer base. With the technological know-how and creative innovations, Tripleton® will continue to lead the development of products that will improve the quality of communication in the 21st Century.

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