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Company profile
Using the experience hard won by many years of manufacturing wireless products and the development of secure communications, The Tripleton® brand was created to develop and enhance our range of encrypted and wireless data products. With distributors and resellers based all over the world, our key development and support centre is based in the UK under the control of (International Security) INTSEC Ltd.

A guiding policy of continuous development alongside long-term partnerships that develop groundbreaking technology has kept Tripleton® in the forefront of secure & wireless communication. This also ensures that our products move with customers needs as well as constantly advancing technology. The result is that Tripleton® has an extended client base ranging from Governments to corporate to individuals, and the Tripleton Enigma crypto-phone has been proven to be flexible as well as secure around the Globe. As we say "You Talk.......but who is really listening?".

Our vision

We aim to continue being at
the forefront of secure GSM communications and to
continue developing our range of products to suit the security needs of our customers.


Tripleton's Global Presence is supported by strategically positioning offices through out the world...


Specialists in all sectors of mobile communications.
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