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The Absolute in Secure GSM

The Absolute in Secure GSM Communications

Totally Secure Voice Encryption

Purpose built for security. The Only Solution able to offer ALL these in one integrated handheld.
  • Very easy to use
  • True End-to-End Encryption. No server and no possibility of hidden identity
  • Encrypted SMS over standard GSM: Secure text anywhere!
  • Messages remain secure on the phone before, during and after they are sent or received
  • Automated User Authentication. Identifies to each party who is in the call
  • Secure hardware and software solution. True Hardware Random Number Generator. No manipulation possible
  • Verifiable High End Encryption
  • Superb Speech Quality. GSM speech quality at high levels of encryption
  • No Backdoor or Escrow Key
  • Exclusive Communication groups
  • Uses Common Criteria EAL5+ Certified cryptographic systems and components

Tripleton® Enigma E2 is ideal for everyday business and private use. It operates either as a normal mobile phone or as a secure mobile phone.

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E2 is a powerful and sophisticated encryption device. The high levels of encryption classify E2 as a Dual Use product. This means that under specific circumstances exports outside of the territory of the European Union may require an Export License from the UK Government. Please note: This requirement does not apply to shipments anywhere within the EU or when these devices are taken outside of the EU for personal use. Applications for export licenses in these specific cases are handled by us as a matter of course. We will advise you on these requirements should it be necessary. Please contact our Sales Team if you have any questions.


January 2017
WhatsApp, are your messages at risk?
Loophole found in the implementation of the signal encryption protocol used by popular messaging service WhatsApp. In April 2016 the messaging giant implemented end to end encryption into its service for added security of its users. It has now come to light that the signal encryption protocol has not been implemented correctly and could potentially be used as a backdoor that could create new encryption keys. Whilst this cannot be used for mass surveillance of users, it does leave individuals who are being targeted open to exploitation.
Source The London Guardian
November 2016
The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) has now been passed in the UK which provides more power to security services and sets boundaries on their ability to gain information on citizens without a warrant. Internet companies will now have to retain browser history for up to a year and in a world where the reliance on technology and the web is ever increasing the true potential invasiveness of this act cannot be adequately measured. Source The London Daily Telegraph
April 2016
Phone Hacking
German Security Researcher Karsten Nohl recently went on TV highlighting how easy it is to hack a mobile phone and gain access to a userís messages as well as listen to their calls. The hack uses the network interchange service Signalling System 7 (SS7) known as C7 in the UK. SS7 acts as a broker between mobile phone networks and handles number translation, sms transfer and other duties that connect one network caller to another. If an SS7 system is successfully attacked then then a personís location, messages and calls can all be monitored. Source, The London Guardian
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