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The Absolute in Secure GSM

The Absolute in Secure GSM Communications

Totally Secure Voice Encryption

Purpose built for security. The Only Solution able to offer ALL these in one integrated handheld.
  • True End-to-End Encryption.
  • Two-Way User Authentication
  • Secure Hardware Platforms
  • Ease of Use and Deployment
  • Verifiable High End Encryption
  • Superb Speech Quality
  • No Backdoor or Escrow Key
  • Combined Hardware & Software Security Solution
  • Exclusive Communication groups
  • No Windows Mobile or Symbian OS systems
  • Secure Calls to Landlines
  • Uses ITSEC Certified cryptographic sytems and components

The Tripleton® Enigma is ideal for everyday business and private use. It operates either as a normal mobile phone or as a secure mobile phone. In secure call mode, it is possible to communicate with other Tripleton® Enigma units, or with landlines equipped with LineCrypt I+. The Tripleton® Enigma secure GSM phone uses ITSEC certified cryptographic systems and components.

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Due to the high level of call security, this device is rated as "Dual Use Product" which means military/civilian use. All shipments to destinations outside of the territory of the EU, require an export license from the UK Export Control Organisation. Which we will process on your behalf.

Secure Phone Communications - LineCrypt I+

Secure Telephone System
Key Benefits
  • Telephone line security
  • An ITSEC Certified Product
  • Secure communication to/from a land-line telephones and the Tripleton® Enigma secure GSM mobile phone
  • Integrates easily and seamlessly into existing infrastructures
  • Supports two concurrent crypto phone calls
  • Enables secure communication of voice, fax and digital data traffic (VPN)

The LineCrypt I+ utilises the same secure encryption procedure as the Tripleton® Enigma mobile phone, offering full telephone security and protection on public "land-line" telephone networks. Read More


July 2011
IDG Anounces Major Development Programme
Intsec announces a major new development programme. IDG will bring our unique secure technology together with 3G and 4G, providing users with additional facilities that include securing all messaging formats and secure voice mail. E2 is the advance product of this programme that is projected to be completed by the end of 2012. Secure global connectivity has been achieved and ensuring this continues is crucial to protecting your investment into our technology. The Intsec Development Group brings together internal and external partners covering diverse and in many cases unique technologies into one group with the aim of developing innovative secure products.
July 2011
Security survey: 69 percent of enterprises use personal mobile devices to connect to corporate network
A survey from access control management specialist Courion found that one-fifth of large IT decision makers said their business had no plan to block employee-owned devices from accessing the corporate network, and 10 percent of the respondents admitted to facing data breaches after the loss of a mobile device with access to their network. Read more source Information Week
May 2011
Report: Android sees 400% surge in malware since 2010 - FierceMobileIT
Android malware has jumped 400 percent since the summer of 2010, says a new report from Juniper Networks Global Threat Center.
The report contributes the malware surge to users who are "unaware, disinterested or uneducated" in mobile security. In addition, a large number of downloads are coming from unknown sources and few smartphones are running security software.
"Consumers can expect to see more advanced malware attacks against the Android platform," according to the report. These attacks include "command and control zombies and botnet participators, devices that are remotely controlled to execute malicious attacks." Read more source, FieceMobileIT
5th February 2009
Tripleton® Enigma supply contract to major British Defence Contractor
British Defence Contractor British Defence Contractor International Security (INTSEC Ltd) is pleased to announce a strategic new supply contract with a major British defence contractor. Valued at just under a million pounds over two years. International Security will be supplying both Tripleton® Enigma mobile and static line encryption systems to protect high value mission critical projects within the UK and Europe. International Security looks forward to a long-term partnership providing a significant implementation of Tripleton Enigma as well as the new Falcon project scheduled to start late 2009.
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